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“The best way to get something done is to begin.”

I’m sitting here and I’m thinking to myself, “lol, I’m writing a blog. what AM I doing writing a blog?” I’m also thinking what possessed me to eat so much today because now I’m contemplating sleeping through April. But that’s a valid question, right? I could be making headway on my college loans, reading my Bible, saving the world, or getting the package deal on my college education (aka reading that QUALITY textbook tucked away in a drawer somewhere). But instead I’m writing my first blog post about what? God only knows.

And that’s a conscious choice I’m making with my life, in this moment, right now. And that is ALWAYS okay. Whatever direction or action you CHOOSE to make in life must possess one simple characteristic- confidence. Don’t do anything without the mindset of choosing to do it, on your OWN terms. Why make decisions on the basis of another? They’ve got a life too and you can just right on tell them to “go live it” 🙂

This blog could help me put sense to so many things that go through my head. It could start me on a writing career in journalism or public relations, or it could go viral as the most obnoxious, backwards, totally insensible published collection of pieces ever to be seen on the internet. The point to this is that you never know where you’ll end up if you don’t make the conscious effort to start somewhere. Because the best way to get anywhere in life is to



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