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seven seventeen

Quote of the day:

“I remember sometimes being sad in this world filled with people so preoccupied with physical disparity, a global culture that insists that all people are different and therefore unequal. As I began to comprehend the nature of that same prejudice within myself, I came to see that my discomfort was the disparity between my own lower nature and my higher Self, and that mine was the freedom to choose.”

– Paul John Myburgh, “The Bushman Winter Has Come”

Lyric of the day

“Oh and say we’ll get famous and we’ll die with our names
In every paper, every news report any consolation
To the people that you love and all the people that you hate
But we’ll love you all the same because you’re beautiful.”

– Rainbow Kitten Surprise, “First Class”

In the News:

“Nevertheless, let’s please not descend into panic. Trump encourages us to see everything as a big battle with winners and losers — and yes, there are things worth standing up for. But look beyond the sensationalized, Trump-style rhetoric that everyone seems to indulge in nowadays to the quiet, sober, behind-the-scenes truth.”

– CNN, “Trump is not evil, just an amateur”

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